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Alex Winterle is a Seattle based scene designer for theater and film. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA and has lived in the Northwest for 11 years. He has designed and assisted over 50 live theater productions, varying between large scale musicals, comedies, dramas, immersive theater, and film production. It doesn't matter the style of performance, if it's daring, bold, or different, Alex is interested. 


Above all, Alex is passionate about new or developing scripts, and exploring unique storytelling methods.

He has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington School of Drama in Scene Design, studying with esteemed national designers Thomas Lynch, and G.W. "Skip" Mercier. In 2017, He interned in New York, assisting Tony Award nominated designer Arnulfo Maldonado on off-Broadway, regional theatre, and Humana festival plays. He has a practiced hand and an easy mastery of all the  components of a complete design.

Alex brings his energetic artistic style, and complex, color-driven point of view to every production. With only a decade of design under his belt, he is poised to bring energy and fresh perspective to the world of theater to come.

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